Color in the shade, is one big gardening challenge. But up to that test is a tropical plant that meets it with color and presence. Tricolor ginger (Jengibre Tricolor) ‘Tricolor’ does have some cold-hardiness, and I have been growing it successfully in a protected location in Zone 9B for years.

Just one look at this stunning plant shows that you don’t need blooms to create a brilliance and a stir in the shaded garden. Though some pot/plant tags suggest this as a plant for full sun (six hours direct sun), it is likely you’ll find that sort of exposure will burn the colorful foliage of this plant. Put it in the shade, and you’ll both be happy.

Stromanthe ‘Triostar’ will eventually grow to about three feet tall with a spread of the same dimension. Give it plenty of water and a rich growing medium for best performance. In colder climes this could be one of your favorite houseplants ever.