orange bromeld

Bromeliads instantly add a touch of the tropics to the landscape. These tender tropicals (Zones 10A to 11) come in many sizes, but one of my favorites is Aechmea blanchetiana ‘Big Orange.’ Topping out at nearly three feet tall — and brilliant orange in color — this bromeliad simply pulsates with color. When the sun shines on it, and it should because this bromeliad loves full sun exposure, it practically glows. Who needs blooms when you’ve got such powerful hues?

Mix it up with purples like the huge purple crinum or the shorty red bromeliad (Neoregelia ‘Hoja Roja’) and you’ve got a traffic-stopping combo. I like this little red bromeliad (also a full-sun fanatic) that slowly spreads the joy. orange:red bromelds