This from a news release from Magic Dirt™ a sustainable new product and alternative to peat moss:

Magic Dirt™ ( ), a uniquely new and environmentally-friendly organic soil amendment and sustainable alternative to peat moss, has been developed by Cenergy USA and is being distributed to retailers in eight northwest states for the 2014 growing season.

Magic Dirt™ has been certified as a Premium Potting Soil by the Mulch and Soil Council, certified as 100% BioBased under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred Program and approved for organic production by the State of Idaho’s Department of Agriculture.


Independent growth tests confirm the wide range of uses for Magic Dirt™.   It grows healthy plants from seeds, nourishes transplanted seedlings in pots, and when added to gardens, helps keep the soil loose and moist. Magic Dirt™ is packaged in convenient one cubic foot clear recyclable plastic bags which show off the product’s rich color and texture.


Magic Dirt™ is made primarily from a clean, fluffy, nutrient-rich fiber that remains after dairy and farm wastes have been heat-treated in an air-tight oxygen-free vessel for 20 days.   The process is done exclusively in DVO, Inc.’s patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ digester. The digester captures methane gas which is used to generate renewable energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and makes the fiber used in Magic Dirt™.


Every cubic yard of Magic Dirt™ is the byproduct of generating more than 100 kWh of renewable energy and removing over 1,800 pounds of greenhouse gases from the environment as a sustainable alternative to peat moss.[i] In addition, Magic Dirt™ provides naturally occurring organic nutrients without additives and a pH within 6-7 range.

“We have spent the past three years developing all-natural blends of digested fiber and other organic materials and commissioning numerous independent laboratory and university growth tests on various blends,” explained Ted Sniegocki, a partner in Cenergy USA. “The selected blend is excellent.”


Laboratory tests show that the fibers in Magic Dirt™ will retain more than three times its dry weight in water.Unlike many other premium potting soils, Magic Dirt does not contain peat moss, coir, vermiculite or perlite, and unlike peat moss, which releases pollutants when harvested, the Magic Dirt™ process actually captures methane before it is released into the atmosphere.


“Until recently, most people have not understood the significant environmental issues related to peat moss,” explained Bob Joblin, another partner in Cenergy USA. “During harvesting, peat moss releases methane, a pollutant more than 20 times greater than CO2. Other pollutants are released in the processing of peat moss. The Magic Dirt™ process does the opposite, reducing greenhouse gases in the environment.”


A recent study commissioned by the Innovation Center for U. S. Dairy, which was established by dairy producers, reports that the digested organic fiber that is in Magic Dirt™ “provides an environmental advantage in comparison to peat moss for all indicators examined.” There is more than enough digested dairy fiber available to replace all of the peat moss used in the U.S. annually[ii], most of which is imported.


There are no imported ingredients in Magic Dirt™. It is produced and packaged in the USA.