Just in time for the upcoming growing season comes a new compact eggplant for container growing. Patio Baby Compact Black Eggplant is a big winner at All-America Selections

According to a release from PanAmerican Seed, breeder Ellen Leue explains, “Fun new recipes call for baby eggplants, but if you just harvest conventional varieties when they’re small, you get very few fruit. Also, the plants get BIG and are often full of thorns, so they’re not a candidate for your patio. We were able to solve both these problems by breeding a prolific baby eggplant that is non-bitter, early maturing and absurdly productive. And it looks great in a large patio pot!” 
NEW Patio Baby Compact Black Eggplant

All-America Selections judges agree, awarding a Northeast Regional award to Patio Baby. Market Channel Manager Josh Kirschenbaum couldn’t be prouder: “We knew Patio Baby is a great eggplant and we’re thrilled that the AAS judges thought so, too. Our goal is to provide distinctive, high quality vegetable varieties and Patio Baby certainly fits the bill!” 

Garden location:  Full sun 
Finished height:  16 to 20 in./40 to 50 cm 
Finished spread:  18 to 22 in./45 to 55 cm 
Garden spacing:  18 to 22 in./45 to 55 cm 
Days from transplant to ripe fruit:  45 
Fruit size:  2 to 3 in./5 to 7 cm long and about 1 in./2.5 cm dia. 
Plug crop time:  4 to 5 weeks 
Transplant to finish:  4 to 7 weeks 
Supplied as:  Raw seed