First Editions®Tiger Eyes® Sumac is capturing the attention of gardeners worldwide. Hardy and easy to grow, Tiger Eyes is different from other sumac in a number of ways.
Tiger Eyes is considered a smaller variety, reaching a manageable height and width of just six feet.
Most notable is Tiger Eyes’ stunning color. The plant’s new growth is a vivid chartreuse green, quickly changing to its glowing yellow summer hue. This spectacular color stays vibrant in even the brightest summer sun. In fact, it is the only true yellow plant that doesn’t burn. The leaf stems are a fuzzy purplish-pink and form a dramatic contrast with the lemon-lime foliage. As beautiful as Tiger Eyes is in the summer, its colors are absolutely magnificent in the fall as it turns a beautiful combination of yellow, orange and intense scarlet.
Tiger Eyes’ branches angle upward, while the deeply cut leaflets drape downward, giving the whole plant a rather elegant, oriental look. This bold architectural quality lends itself to a wide variety of garden situations. Landscape designers across the country are creating amazing container gardens using Tiger Eyes as the centerpiece. It is a stunning specimen for mass planting, making a perfect transitional shrub between ˜wild” and “tame” areas of the landscape. It is wonderful in peripheral areas, giving privacy and good habitat for wildlife. It also makes a strong statement near the back of the perennial border.

Tiger Eyes’ yellow summer color mixes well with perennials such as purple salvias, orange daylilies or red monarda, just to name a few. Combine it with asters for a stunning fall border.

Tiger Eyes is rated Zone 4-8 and prefers full to part sun. This variety can handle average soil and is quite drought tolerant once established. It is the perfect plant for hot, sunny areas.