begonia:freeze damaged Believe me, I know what a temptation it is to grab the clippers and get out there and trim back that ugly freeze damage from tender plants. But hold on. While you will get some instant gratification from removing that unsightly foliage and “cleaning up” the landscape, if you trim now you could be doing a lot more damage to the plants than what has already occurred.

Winter has just started, and you can bet dollars to doughnuts that there will be more freezing weather down the road. By trimming now you might just force that plant to produce tender new foliage that would sustain even more damage, possibly weakening and eventually killing the plant in the next freeze event. And it is possible that what looks like damage now will eventually turn out to be healthy foliage that will recover on its own.

Yes, it looks terrible, but in the long run a bit of patience will pay off later. So, wait until the danger of the last frost has passed in your area to trim. In some cases, by that time the plant(s) will have already started to produce freeze burndnew growth, showing you exactly how far back and where to prune.

In the meantime, sit back and relax and enjoy the season. Have cup of herb tea and linger over those seed and plant catalogs. Spring is coming, eventually.