palm wreathEarly settlers to the Sunshine State did not have the option of “imported” fir Christmas trees for holiday decorating. Instead they made-do with what was at hand. Red cedar trees provided greenery and even palm fronds were called into action. Here’s a simple wreath to make with materials you gather from the woods.
 Start with a wire wreath form, or just bend a wire coat hanger into a circle — which is what I did here. Look for small palmetto fronds and trim ends of fronds and cut stems to about four inches long.
Start tying two or three fronds together to the form the first bunch. Working your way around the circle, add another bunch on top of the previous bunch slightly farther up the ring and over the stems of the previous bunch until you get back to the starting point. Use florists wire or string to secure each bunch tightly to the form or coat hanger. Work the final bunch in so that the stems are hidden under the first bunch. Hot glue on some seashells or starfish and “fill in” with a bit of Spanish moss here and there. I used a raffia “bow,” but a burlap one would look great too. Have fun!