DSCN0516You know those great little tags that come with purchased plants. They are packed with all sorts of great information — like how and where the item should be planted, care issues and more.  And, of course, there is the name/variety of what it is you are planting right there on the top of the tag.

We’ve seen lots of folks stick those tags into the soil right next to the seedlings, and truth be told that even though we understand why they do that (so that they will have all that information right there by the particular plant) — it still looks pretty tacky in the garden. Plus, given a few weeks in the sun and heat or cold, those little plastic tags often fade out or worse, break off.

Heuchera blondie

This colorful and informative tag will be inserted into the soil next to its accompanying plant so that just the top of it can be seen. Handy, yet out of sight, it will be there when and if you need it.

There is a better way. No need to try to keep a notebook or file those tags somewhere else. Instead sink your garden trowel or shovel into the dirt near the planted item, essentially making a “slot” in the soil. Then insert the plant tag into that slot so that just the tip of it can be seen above the soil line. Smooth out the soil, and VIOLA! Your tag is right there with the associated plant, ready to be retrieved when needed.

It looks better and you’ve still got that tag. Problem solved!