invincible spirit

‘Invincibelle® Spirit’

Shopping for a hydrangea can be like an expedition into foreign territory. There are so many types and flower forms and colors that it is a wonder anyone is able to figure out which way to turn, let alone choose a selection. Okay, I know there are hydrangeas for all situations, but what I’d like to suggest today are two choices (both natives) that simply grow like gangbusters and have real presence.

By “presence” I do mean flowers and flowers and more flowers.  The first, Incrediball® is an improved ‘Annabelle’ with big white blooms that are roughly four times as large as ‘Annabelle.’ This smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) is hardy to Zone 3 and AHS 9, and grows to a sizable four to five feet tall. Be sure to give it plenty of room.

Next is a pink ‘Annabelle’ called ‘Invincibelle® Spirit,’ and this colorful and hardy selection can be grown from Manitoba to Mobile. That southern range is for AHS 9, and no doubt that includes portions of North Florida as well. Non-stop brilliant pink mop-heads continue to flower all season. Not only that but $1 from every sale of this hydrangea goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. ‘Invincibelle® Spirit’ forms a three to four foot mound.

Both hydrangeas are in the Proven Winners Color Choice line of flowering shrubs. For more information on these and other hydrangeas and flowering shrubs or to locate a retailer near you, visit the Proven Winners ColorChoice website: