PW 2013 shrubsTalk about a box full of potential. That’s what this garden writer recently received when a shipment of shrubs from Proven Winners arrived at my doorstep. The shrubs were sent to me so that I could try them out, and report to you on their merits.

Let’s see what the box contained: First there was a pair (not exactly matched, but appropriate for good pollination and fruit production) of Arrowwood Viburnums, ‘All That Glows’ with white spring flowers and fruit for wildlife and ‘All That Glitters’ also fruiting for birds. Both display glossy-green foliage and booth are good deer-resistant shrubs. (Zones 5-8)

We’re very excited about the petite Arborvitae ‘Filip’s Magic Moment,’ a compact (and did I mention the petite part?) alternative to those dwarf spruces. Topping out at six to eight feet tall, this compact evergreen displays stunning golden foliage. Just imagine the things you can do with this selection! Use it for flanking formal entryways in the ground or in large containers for spectacular results. (Zones 3-7)

For a reblooming hydrangea, ‘Let’s Dance®’ Rhapsody Blue is sure to wow you. Rich mophead blooms simply packed with distinctively geometric florets are a vibrant blue. Need I say more? (Zones 5-9)

Try it alongside a birch-leaf spirea ‘Glow Girl’ that not only has white spring flowers, but its luscious lemon-lime foliage holds its color all season to provide a stunning focal point and contrast too. But wait, there’s more. This spirea has compact form and habit, at about three to four feet. (Zones 3-9)

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