From Lake County Nursery are two unique dogwoods, the first a variegated-leaf selection, ‘Crème de Mint’ which features variegated foliage on golden chartreuse stems giving it a brighter look than red stems. Compact in size, it tops out at about five feet tall, fitting neatly into smaller landscape sites and is cold hardy to Zone 4a. It is great as a single plant, in groupings or as a hedge. When top grafted on a standard it can also be a unique patio container tree.

For an unusual shrub or hedge, try Geauga® Gray Dogwood which naturally forms a hedge screen, and is a selected native providing fruit for birds. This selection of Cornus racemosa ‘Geazam’ grows to a height of six to eight feet tall with a spread of approximately four feet. With an upright shape and creamy-white flowers, this variety provides a white fruit and black-green, glossy foliage. Cold hardy to Zone: 4. Its unique glossy, black-green leaves stand out against mahogany-red new growth, and it thrives in harsh conditions, tolerating wet, dry and poor soils.