We dig the hole and plop in the bulb, and then we wait…and wait…and wait… Planting spring flowering bulbs is truly an act of faith. But oh my when the time does come, the payoff is great.

Why not plan a free-for-all splash of color to march across your lawn come next spring? Small flowering bulbs such as snowdrops (the earliest), crocus, muscari or even fritillaria (Guinea hen flowers) for example are sure to welcome the season with color and life.

Start with a length of rope or a garden hose to roughly define the area yo would like to plant. A big swoosh across the lawn, or a spiral or whatever strikes your fancy will do.

Then using a bulb planter, the type that looks like an over-grown cookie cutter, remove plugs of sod within your planting area, spacing the holes a few inches apart. Most of these selections will naturalize, spread slowly in time. Drop in a bulb or two, maybe three, and then replace the plug. It is as easy as that. 

In the springtime enjoy the free-form display, but be sure to allow foliage to die back naturally before cutting that area of grass. This enables the bulbs to store enough energy for next year’s display, as well as divide to expand the show.