My Joey (Ptilotus exaltatus) or pink pussytails is having a field day in a sunny container planting. The little seedling was a spring-time gift of gardening pal, Jenni C. Though I had my doubts about whether the Australian native would fare well with all the rain and chilly weather we had earlier in the season, it has turned out to be a stunning specimen.

All it took was a few weeks of hot and dry, and this little cutie took off with fuzzy, wuzzy blooms galore. That is in a nutshell, the key to success with this plant. Just think of what Australia dishes out — heat and dry and sunshine — and you know what Joey likes. This short-lived perennial might possibly survive a Zone 9 or 10 winter, but not here in Mid-Coast Maine, unless of course you have a sunny sunroom where you might try wintering. Otherwise, consider Joey a fair-weather friend. But my what a unique fellow he is.