The BIG box arrived today in the big brown truck. Holy cow, what a selection of Proven Winners’ plants to try out and report on in the coming months. The colors and varieties are simply luscious. It’s always like a surprise party when that box arrives, as one well-wrapped pot after another is revealed.

I am so excited about the scrumptious ‘Lemon Slice’ Superbells® that are like a lemon meringue pie in a pot. Another mouth-watering selection that emerged from the big box is the  Superbells®  ‘Watermelon Charm.” I expect that by the time July the 4th rolls around this stunner will be rivaling Old Glory for attention. The velvety-dark ‘Marooned’ coleus almost jumped out of the big cardboard box, its color so vivid. As always you can count on Proven Winners for reliable repeat blooms in an ever-expanding group of annuals choices, and now PW has added a number of perennial selections to its lineup.

Stay tuned for the full report on these tempting selections, and be looking for them come next spring.