Northern gardeners take note, there’s a new ninebark that has a lot to offer. Not only is First Editions® ‘Little Devil’ ninebark a low maintenance shrub, this little number adds color and texture to any garden space. If you love the look of ninebark, but don’t have room for the large varieties ‘Little Devil’ has it all in a  compact, easy to care for ninebark.

‘Little Devil’ features deep burgundy foliage throughout the season and small white-pink clusters of flowers in June. This shrub is an excellent choice for any home garden because of its smaller size. Growing only to four-feet, just imagine the many uses, such as a great background for your flowerbed or the perfect shrub border.

An exciting improvement in ninebark, ‘Little Devil’ is disease and pest resistant and requires very little maintenance. It keeps its great compact shape without pruning.

First Editions® ‘Little Devil’ Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Donna May™ PPAF

Full sun, part shade

Color: Red-purple, creamy white flowers

Height: 3- to 4-feet Spread: 3- to 4-feet

Zone: 3-7

Look for ‘Little Devil’, from Bailey Nurseries, at better garden centers. ‘Little Devil’ Ninebark can now be purchased online. Visit the web site to shop for your favorites.