It’s difficult to go wrong when you chose native plants, trees and shrubs for your landscapes.

“Native perennials and ornamental grasses are in demand like never before, and for good reasons, these species and selections have stood the test of millennia in real-world, new-world conditions,” from Emerald Coast Growers, a wholesale grower. Remember native plant selections are often drought tolerant, pest and disease resistant.

Here are just a few suggestions from Emerald Coast Growers’ “Native Wonders” perennials:

• Asclepias — Milkweed is a Grade-A perennial whether you choose pink-flowering A. incarnata, or bright orange, butterfly-beloved A. tuberosa.

• Baptisia — False indigo has deep roots in American history. Now an ornamental favorite, it was once prized and subsidized for the blue dye made from its sap.

• Echinacea — Everyone’s favorite native! A decade of innovative breeding brings bold forms and revolutionary colors to the long-lived, much-loved coneflower.

• Lewisia — Named for explorer Meriwether Lewis, bitterroot brightens border or windowsill with cheerful pastel flowers and semi-succulent foliage.

Penstemon — A brazen flourish and a colorful fanfare of trumpets on sturdy upright stems. Extremely tolerant of extreme weather.

Phlox — Everyone’s other favorite native. Choose from 11 varieties of tall, stately P. paniculata, 14 of low, mad-blooming P. subulata, or 2 midsized P. divaricata.