According to a recent release from Emerald Coast Growers, “native perennials and ornamental grasses are in demand like never before, and for good reasons.

“American gardeners and designers have embraced what European plant explorers discovered centuries ago: The New World is full of fantastic flora!”

Ornamental grasses add movement and texture to any landscape in a format that often changes with the seasons, some even presenting winter interest as well in a way no other plant can. Natives are also often resistant to diseases and drought.

Here are some suggestions from Emerald Coast Growers’ Native Wonders collection:

Andropogon — Big bluestem makes a big statement. It’s the go-to grass for reclaiming and beautifying damaged lands.

Deschampsia — Hairgrass: The straight species D. cespitosa, or ‘Pixie Fountains’ at half the height.

Muhlenbergia — Named for a Pennsylvania botanist, Muhly grass sprays a fine mist of plumes, pink or white, over slender green foliage.

Schizachyrium — Little bluestem, once part of Andropogon, is now a stand-alone genus. Choose from seven tough, colorful varieties.

Sorghastrum — Indian grass brings the spirit of the prairie home. Metallic blue foliage and reddish-brown plumes with yellow anthers.