Looking for something in seeds that is unique, something unusual or something with a history? All that an more can be found in the new Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog.

My order just arrived and in it were two varieties of ornamental gourds as well as Nankeen cotton. That’s right — I’m gonna’ try growing cotton. Talk about an heirloom crop! These unique varieties and many more that are perfect for Southern gardens are among the many and varied selections from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Whether you are looking for beans, greens, peas or cucumbers or tomatoes or herbs or just about any vegetable (and there are flowers too) that are Southern favorites, you are likely to find it for both hot and cold-weather gardens. You’ll find early Mizuna and Tatsoi greens as well as the highly ornamental and flavorful Red Giant mustard — all choices that aren’t offered everywhere — as well as those unique items like several varieties of cotton or ornamental gourds . For more information, and to request your catalog or shop on-line, visit the website at: http://www.SouthernExposure.com.