A recent post in the online newsletter, “Grower Talks’ Acres Online” reports of an exciting program initiated by the state of Arizona to promote gardening on all levels.  “Plant Something” has now swept into four more states almost overnight.

“The full catchphrase is ‘Don’t Just Stand There, Plant Something,’ and I think it’s excellent, with loads of room to get creative,” says Chris Beytes, Editor and Publisher of “Grower Talks” and “Green Profit.” “The brand new www.plant-something.org splash page lets consumers link to their specific state’s Plant Something website, which can either be an existing site with Plant Something artwork added (as Minnesota has done) or a full Plant Something website (like Massachusetts).

“Probably most pertinent, though, is the promotional material, available from a ‘store’ buried in the website,” Beytes continues. “A state can easily download artwork and modify it. They can also share ideas with the other states. For instance, Idaho has created tall flags for garden centers. Those get shared with the other participating states.”

Who knew there was such a push to help both growers and gardeners as well? Be on the lookout for this program in your area as states, as well as local growers, nurseries and garden centers get in the act. Oh yeah, and go out there and just plant something!