One of the easiest — and quickest — ways to add some color and contrast to any garden or landscape is with a piece of sculpture or a substantial glazed pot. Unlike new plants that need planting and maintenance, once these garden elements are installed, they are simply care-free!

Often the best way to display a large and colorful pot is by elevating it above surrounding foliage. This is easily done with cinder blocks, bricks or even a post. Just make sure the pot has a solid foundation so it won’t tip over and possibly break. While some glazed pots are the perfect foils for colorful annuals or perennials, a really large one doesn’t have to hold anything to look simply spectacular. How carefree is that?

Same goes for garden sculptures and these can be handcrafted items or even “found items” like large iron pieces or industrial machinery parts that often possess great texture and form. Small items that can be grouped, like the charming Fish in the Garden add to the feeling of movement in a garden and when grouped appear to become a much larger sculpture. Also consider a rustic element you craft of saplings and limbs. A times-two-bonus of this type of garden structure is that it can often double as a trellis and can be easily made of free materials.