There’s a new sprinkler on the block and it’s got me excited. Designed to reduce water use, Rainforest Sprinklers operate at low water pressures, cannot clog and provide even coverage to an area of up to 2,000 square feet. I love these heart-shaped sprinklers and think they’d make nifty Valentine’s Day “gifties” for any of your favorite gardeners.

The sprinklers work by breaking-up water droplets to improve delivery of water to the root zone and prevent water from pooling and running off. They come in a variety of configurations including the spiked model shown here, pole mounted, with a wheel base and more. Note that unlike some of those light-weight plastic sprinklers that work with low-pressure, the Rainforest Sprinkler doesn’t have “arms” that can get blocked by foliage. In fact the little heart-shaped head protects the moveable arm of this sprinkler from being stopped by foliage. That means you can place this little sweetheart just about anywhere in the garden and it still throws a pattern of water. How sweet is that?!

Product inventors, Mark and Lori Loran, explain why Rainforest Sprinklers work well under challenging watering conditions. “Because they can’t clog, they are great for use in areas with hard water and are ideal for people on low-pressure systems like wells,” Mark Loran said.

“They can be used with regular and even high water pressure just as well,” Lori added. “A lot of nurseries and greenhouses use them to mist very delicate plants and seedlings.” Look for Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers from Contech Enterprises at Contech Enterprises retailers or online at This is the company that also produces the ScareCrow to harmlessly scares deer and other wildlife away from gardens with a blast of water. Contech also produces a line of unique pet items. Visit the website to see the many unique products.