This luxuriant wildflower meadow started with a handful of coreopsis seeds. You can establish your own wildflower garden by collecting seeds. Scattered in the fall over an existing lawn, the seeds took root and grew throughout  the winter, blooming in late spring. Mowing is restricted until after the flowers bloom and go to seed, a time when more seeds can be collected.









Phlox joins coreopsis for a color contrast. Note the browning flower heads among the blooms. These are coreopsis seed heads. When the seed heads are dry it is time to start collecting seeds.








Collecting wildflower seeds is easy when the flowers have gone to seed. Hold an envelope or plastic bag under the dry seed heads, and gently tap the little seeds into the bag. Seal bag tightly to keep out moisture and store in a cool, dry location until it is time to sow the seeds in the fall for a spring wildflower garden.