Opal trout swim and swirl through the vegetation.

With some of the best packing to be found, “Fish in the Garden” arrive ready to set up in the garden (or swim indoors for a tabletop or mantle display) on their special brackets. All varieties of “Fish in the Garden” are completely waterproof, though ceramic fish should be brought indoors in the winter in northern climates to prevent freeze damage.
Cartload of Opal trout on their way to the garden.


Look what the brown truck delivered today — it’s a whole school of fish for the garden. Actually they are “Fish in the Garden,” all the creations of a talented young Maine artist, Tyson Weiss, who is revolutionizing the concept of garden sculpture. When installed in the garden, the fish, which come in either high-fired stoneware or sleek brushed stainless, swirl through the foliage much like real fish do among eel grass or along a coral reef.

This sensation of movement, along with the pleasing contrast of their signature glazes and elegant forms is part of makes these fish so special. Group them and the sense of direction and movement is heightened.

A few years ago Weiss of Falmouth Maine decided to branch out from his landscaping business. He wanted to use his skills as a potter. A snorkeling trip on a tropical coral reef was the inspiration for his “Fish in the Garden.” Today this one-man fish factory is now responsible for schools of fish making their way in gardens across the country. “Fish in the Garden” come in a number of varieties including striped bass, trout, barracuda and salmon.

Brushed stainless striped bass swim effortlessly above mondo grass.

Find your fish at http://www.fishinthegarden.com.