When our old garden cart was stolen—yes someone actually made off with that old cart—replacing the 30+ year-old standby wasn’t a walk in the park. The reason the old cart (which by the way was on its third set of wheels) survived so long is that it was just right for our needs. Though its condition was pretty good, it did reflect its years of service. Its metal tub had been painted and re-painted several times, but it wasn’t rusted out. And then there were those spoked wheels. Spoked wheels are vulnerable when a cart gets heavy use.

The second set of wheels was actually fashioned of plywood, making the cart look like something Fred Flintsone would use. But they worked and lasted years before they finally delaminated. The newest set of wheels had been installed about eight years ago, and still had plenty of life in them. It might not have been the prettiest garden cart on the block, but it worked and it was ours. 

One of the great things about the old cart was its large tub that was flat on the bottom, and had a straight front which was convenient for raking things like leaves or pine straw right into the cart. Not only used for the garden and to haul firewood, the cart also served as a dock cart to transport items out the dock to the boat. If you’ve shopped for a garden cart recently, you’ll know that similar carts are scarce as hens’ teeth.

We did find a really nice garden cart on the Internet (http://www.mullerscarts.com/) a beautiful cart called the Smart Cart, and had our budget been bigger it would definitely have been our first choice. It has to be the Nirvana of garden carts with a sturdy aluminum frame, good looks and obvious serviceability. Of course it is made in Maine.

However, we did discover a somewhat similar cart at our local Ace Hardware store, one that fit our needs and budget. So after nearly a month of searching, comparing, rejecting the common choices, fretting over the replacement and gnashing our teeth over the theft of the other one, we finally brought our new cart home yesterday. It’s called the Yard Rover (http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3450946). It has inflatable tires, a sturdy plastic tub (or some plastic-like substance) and though the front of the tub isn’t straight, it isn’t difficult to rake leaves, etc., right into the tub when the front is lowered to the ground.

We’re happy to once again have a garden/dock cart and you can bet we’ll will be guarding this one closely now.