make your own gift boxes in minutes

Don’t waste time and money searching for just the right gift box for your homemade (or purchased) gifts. The box you need is near at hand, right in your pantry and you can recycle that cereal box, or tea box or just about any box in minutes. It’s easy and a great way to get a nice gift box for free. Better than that, you are actually recycling with this project.

First disassemble the box by carefully slipping a table knife along the flaps that are glued. You will end up with a flat piece of boxboard. Most food (and other) boxes are white inside—perfect for gift boxes. Note where the glued areas were, and apply a line of glue on those places folding the flaps in to get a box shape. Use clothes pins or a rubber band or two to keep the “new” box together. For first-timers it can be a bit confusing. So try recreating the box with the white side out before you start in with the glue until you are comfortable with the process.

When dry, you are ready to wrap and go! Once they open your gift they’ll see how clever you really are—you recycler you.