‘Tis the season for holiday homes and gardens tours. They are shining all over this time of year. Garden clubs and civic groups present the tours which feature local homes all decked out for the season.

Whether it’s one in your home town or perhaps one in a favored vacation location, go ahead and take the tour! You’ll be treated to some of the most innovative Christmas decorating ideas, often many of which take advantage of locally-available greenery and floral selections. Plus you’re likely to see ways to jazz up old standards like poinsettias and utilize your houseplants in new and creative ways for the season. You’ll have the opportunity to visit, up close and personal, some of the most spectacular homes in the neighborhood and you are bound to be entertained and amazed. Not only that, you’ll also be helping to fund those local organizations that often depend on the events like these to raise money for events and projects throughout the year. Have fun and don’t forget your camera.