lemon basil

Not the easiest of basils to grow from seed, but that’s probably the only way you are going to be able to get this wonderful herb. It prefers warm weather for germination. But once you get this stuff growing, you are good to go. Lemon basil is slow to go to seed, and if kept trimmed will provide lots of flavor and inspiration all season long.

Not only does it contribute a wonderful mild basil flavor to everything you put it in, but it also adds a lemony kick to boot. Saute lightly with all sorts of fresh garden vegetables, mince and top vine-ripened tomatoes or other cold dishes, add to salads or to casseroles, even corn muffins—the choices are yours to make.

Keep a water-filled glass of cuttings by a sunny window in the kitchen so you’ll always have some ready to use. Plus you’ll probably notice that this basil is quick to form roots. They can be potted up for extra plants to use, to keep growing all winter, or for gifts so you can introduce this amazing basil to your friends, neighbors and relatives. They’ll thank you.