Here’s a project that makes colorful tote bags from those plastic/fabric bags that hold 50-pounds of bird seed or animal feed or even grass seed. Great to use for grocery or farmer’s market purchases or for creative gifts, the handcrafted projects are inexpensive to make and quick to construct.

All you need is a bird seed bag, some cotton or nylon webbing for the handles and about a yard of calico (or any other pattern you like) fabric. Make bias tape cut on the diagonal from the calico fabric the same width as the webbing. Sew the “bias tape” on top of the webbing to use for the handles.

1. Cut along one side of the bag and remove bottom stitches to create a flat piece.

2. Sew top borders of calico fabric as shown in photo

3. Sew on webbing/bias tape handles on top of the calico borders

4. Sew on bottom piece of calico over the webbing handles

5. For double-stitched side seams, fold bag along center bottom with right sides facing out. Sew side seams and turn bag wrong side out.  Sew along side seams enclosing raw edges of previous seams. Turn right side out.

6. Finally, square off bottom of bag, turning corners up so “point” is aligned with side seams, to create a “square” bottom. Sew the resulting “triangle” to keep bottom squared off.