Getting to know some of those tropical plants up close and personal. Today while riding the bikes behind the city park in Marathon (Florida Keys) we were nearly stopped in our tracks by the most fragrant aroma. Straining our eyes into the mangroves we just couldn’t find the source of that sweet smell. So delicious, so tropical. We searched, being careful to avoid such tropicals as poisonwood.

Following our noses we came upon a shrubby tree that a first glance showed no blooms. On second glance we could see the thick clumps of tiny greenish-yellow blossoms, and the bees! Small wasps, bumble bees and even house flies (or SOME kind of flies) buzzed all around. Took some searching reference books, but it looks as if we’d encountered an Inagua oak, also commonly called black olive (Bucida buceras). Not flashy in looks, but my-oh-my what a sniffer it is!