Got the herb teas mixed. All summer I have been drying herbs and some blooms for this year’s concoction. Individual clippings of mint or bee balm are tied up in small bunches and hung out of the sun to dry completely. Rugosa petals, calendula blooms, lavender buds and blooms and rose hips are spread in large baskets to dry. When everything is crispy dry, it is time to mix them up.

Leaves are crumbled as I mix everything in a big brown paper grocery sack. The paper sack is the perfect place to store the herb tea as well. Ingredients are written on the sack, so I’ll know exactly what’s inside. As gift bags of herb teas are filled I can print out labels with the ingredients listed.

Here’s what’s in this year’s mix:

Caldendula blooms, anise hyssop blooms/leaves, lemon balm, lemon verbena, several mints, rugosa rose petals/hips, bee balm blooms/leaves, lavender buds, St. Johns wort blooms, raspberry leaves, red clover blooms, sweet fern, lady’s mantle blooms